Behind the Camera


A little about me... 

I spent my early years growing up in Phoenix, AZ, then California,  and finally ended up here, surrounded by cornfields in Minooka, IL!  I have been married for more than half my life, together, we have four children.  I am a school nurse to children with multiple disabilities; my current job has given me so much perspective on life.  I am easily happiest while in the midst of creating anything, as long as I can create it beautifully! 

As a photographer, I strive to give my clients creative, beautiful images that they are proud to fill their walls with.  I encourage my clients to be playful with one another, creating memories by encouraging positive experiences, not just images.  My hope is that when clients look at the photos on their walls, they don't just see pictures, but precious memories frozen in time. There is a raw truth in everyday life, and more than anything, that is the story I hope to tell when I take your photograph.